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30g olive oil soap nature

30g olive oil soap nature

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1 piece of olive oil soap 100% natural

about 30g

Natural Olive Oil Soap made with 100% Castelluccia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The weight and appearance may vary due to manufacture. The soap is from our own production and absolutely free of additives.

overfatting 5%


Pure olive oil soap

about 30g

We produce our olive oil soap ourselves. Of course we use our good extra virgin olive oil from our own production. Our olive oil soap has no mysterious recipe but consists of 100% extra virgin olive oil and caustic soda for binding. It is guaranteed that no preservatives are used. The soap gets its beautiful marbling from the natural wooden mold in which the olive oil soap hardens and the natural dyes are extracted from the wood.

The olive oil soap does not foam like conventional soaps because no harmful paraffins have been used. Paraffins are derived from petroleum and are very harmful to the skin as they form an airtight film on the skin.

The olive oil soap is ideal for washing your face, body and hair. Customers have told us about the positive reduction in skin diseases such as neurodermatitis.

We ask for your understanding that due to the long maturation period of at least 4 months, this soap is not always available. The olive oil soap is made by hand and also blended. Hence the different weights. In addition, the weight of the soap depends on the degree of drying. The drier a soap is, the lighter it is.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • water
  • Soda caustica
  • overfatting of 5%


  • Olive oil soap from our own production
  • Vegan, without the addition of animal fats or others
  • No animal testing was carried out for our olive oil soap
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