• Olive oil

    Reasons for our olive oil

    Our best olive oil is from our own cultivation. We do not use pesticides or fertilizers. The green
    Gold is very healthy as it consists of three quarters of unsaturated fatty acids and contains a high proportion of antioxidants.
    Our high-quality olive oil has the highest quality class extra native and comes from the first cold pressing. We press the
    Olives still on harvest day.

    You get extra virgin olive oil first hand. We are a small family business with a long tradition.
    Only selected olives are used for our harvest. The olives are cold pressed on the day of harvest and placed in canisters
    where the oil ripens for the first time and the suspended particles settle on the ground.

  • Gifts

    Are you still looking for a suitable gift for your loved ones?

    We provide you with a gift basket together with our best products.
    You can choose between our delicatessen products and the different variations.

    The gift basket contains, among other things:

    - Extra virgin olive oil from our own production
    - A piece of homemade olive oil soap
    - Various pickled specialities
    - Handmade noodles

  • Delicatessen

    Delicious specialities from our region

    We have selected delicatessen products from our region for you. The different
    Vegetables are placed in extra virgin olive oil. The vegetables are displayed in our
    region and processed on site. The Gargano is known for its
    excellent delicatessen products as we have a subtropical climate. The Gargano
    has the largest nature reserve in italy and is subject to strict food controls.

    In our product range we have, among other things:

    - Pickled eggplant
    - Pickled peppers
    - Pickled olives
    - Dried tomatoes with tuna filling
    - Sea salt extracted from our region and much more!

  • Olive oil soap

    100% organic olive oil soap from our own production

    We produce our olive oil soap ourselves. Of course we use our good extra virgin olive oil for this purpose
    from our own production. Our olive oil soap has no mysterious recipe but is made of 100% extra
    virgin olive oil and caustic soda. No preservatives are guaranteed to be used. The
    beautiful marbling gets the soap from the natural wood shape in which the olive oil soap hardens and
    the natural dyes from the wood.

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