The Castelluccia olive oil native extra from Italy

Castelluccia Olive Oil is an olive oil of high health value and comes from the traditional cultivation in Italy. The secret of the precious Castelluccia olive oil and its incomparably aromatic taste lies in the ancient Italian olive variety of our trees, the early harvest and the sustainable cultivation and harvesting method.

Old olive variety

Castelluccia olive oil is a varietal olive oil: it is obtained exclusively from ripe olives. This very old olive variety has an exceptionally high proportion of antioxidants compared to the common olive varieties.

Traditional olive growing in the Gargano National Park

The Gargano: The spur of the Italian boot. The calcareous soils, and the microclimate of the peninsula, are ideal for organic olive cultivation. We look back on an ancient tradition of olive growing. Sustainable cultivation offers the best conditions for the development and development of the valuable ingredients in our olives. Traditional olive cultivation: organic and sustainable

Gentle First Early Nte

The first olive harvest at the beginning of the harvest season has an important importance for the rare high quality of Castelluccia olive oil. Only at this particular time do the ripened olives have their maximum content in the antioxidants, which are preserved in olive oil.

Mild and harmonious taste

Castelluccia Olive Oil is an aromatic and harmonious oil with a fruity taste of green almonds and fresh herbs. Shortly after pressing, the Castelluccia olive oil is cloudy, shimmers greenish and has a very fresh aroma with a slight sharpness in the finish. Castelluccia olive oil takes on a clear green colour over time and becomes softer in its aroma.

First quality class

Castelluccia olive oil is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality. It is cold-extracted exclusively from the first pressing of olives - that is, it is obtained without heat supply and only using mechanical processes - and filtered.